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Price from:

€ 1185

Sodwana Bay, South Africa

Experience South Africa's own tropical paradise filled with diving, untouched beaches, sundowners, braais, secret local spots, bars, restaurants and more. Read more...

Duration: 1 - 4 weeks

Start date:  First Friday of each month

Price from:

€ 1950

Sodwana Bay, South Africa

Aid in marine conservation efforts by collecting photographic data on different marine species while diving on some of the best reefs in the world. Read more...

Duration: 1 - 12 weeks

Start date: First Friday of each month

Price on request.

Sodwana Bay, South Africa

Take your first steps in becoming a PADI Dive Professional. Learn how to give dive briefings, lead dives as well as learning about the marine environment. Read more...

Duration: 4 - 12 weeks

Starts date: First Friday of each month

Leander, Denmark

I spent a month at Deep Blue. It was a wonderful time, and the diving was exceptional! Riding in the back of a pick-up truck whilst cows/goats/dogs/people are running in the middle of the road is not something that happens on a day-to-day basis where I come from, but for me it was actually a nice break from the strict and "square" society I am used to at home. All in all it was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to take up diving, wants to learn about marine biology, and wants to experience a radically different culture.

Marijke, Netherlands

Everything was so much fun and the diving was incredibly beautiful! I spent 8 weeks at this project, before I came here I was afraid that 8 weeks would be too long but now that I finished it I wish I could have stayed for so much longer. Sodwana really is a magical place, the surroundings, the cool mindset of all the people living there and the AMAZING reef that lays beside Sodwana bay. The couple that started this project have so much appreciation for the place and they are doing everything they can to preserve it. They are also constantly making sure that you are having a good time and are just really nice and funny people. All in all the best experience you could wish for!

Alasdair, South Africa

What an incredible week I was blessed with in Sodwana with Marius and Jo. Their passion and knowledge of the area, the diving and the culture seemed to be never ending. If you are looking to get away from the “fast life” and technology whilst enriching your soul I would highly recommend Deep Blue, I will certainly be going back for more!

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