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Volunteers and interns agree to the below terms and conditions when he or she provides details concerning method of payment or taking part in receipt of services. The volunteer / intern shall make no claim as to failure to read and/or disagreement with the terms and conditions prior to making the order.

All volunteers / interns partake at their own risk. Deep Blue Conservation reserve the right to refuse any person, for whatever reason, to participate in any of their activities.

Right of admission to the program or camp is reserved and Deep Blue Conservation may remove any volunteer / intern from the camp and or program in their sole discretion.

In the event of a special request made by a volunteer, Deep Blue Conservation will attempt to put this special request in place but is not obligated to do so unless this is given in writing to the volunteer / intern. Deep Blue Conservation will notify the volunteer / intern before the final approval of the program whether they can fulfill this request.

Deep Blue Conservation may, at its discretion, reject a request to make an order or cancel the same or discontinue the participation of a volunteer / intern who might interfere or that interferes with the ordinary course of the program without having to provide reason for its decision. In such an event all expenses shall be incurred by the volunteer.

The volunteer / intern is obligated to inform Deep Blue Conservation, prior to registering for the program, about any physical and/or health and/or mental condition and/or any other condition that might limit or hinder his or her participation in the program. The volunteer / intern is aware that the Deep Blue Conservation's consent to register him or her to the program relies upon the absence of any of the above-mentioned conditions, meaning that the volunteer is not limited in any way to take part in the program. Any malfunction and/or expenditure caused as a result of the volunteer's medical and/or mental condition shall be incurred by the volunteer only.

Failure to declare medical conditions which then later becomes known will result in a volunteer’s / intern’s suspension from the course until a satisfactory medical certificate has been gained.

The volunteer / intern hereby warrants that he is a good and able swimmer and that there is no need for swimming lessons. Should it become apparent to Deep Blue Conservation that the volunteer / intern is not able to swim and/or is struggling in the water to cope with the dives and is a direct / indirect danger to himself or other divers Deep Blue Conservation may terminate his program immediately.


The volunteer / intern declares and warrants to conduct himself with patience and tolerance towards all other volunteers / interns, cooperate and abide by the instructions in the course of his relations with other volunteers and towards others in general.

The volunteer / intern accepts to appear in arranged hours. If the volunteer / intern is prevented from attending a meeting for reasons that are beyond his or her control, he / she needs to notify the camp coordinators that he / she is about to join soon.


Liability for damages: Interruptions that occur in a destination where utilities are not sufficiently developed, as well as any other element concerning force majeure, may have an adverse effect on the program and the volunteer ought to take this into account. The Company is not liable for damages caused to the volunteer / intern as a result of falling, accidents, diseases, hospitalization, medical expenditures, damage to luggage, failure to perform certain actions or faulty execution thereof, inconvenience or any direct or indirect damage that may be caused to the volunteer during the program.

It is hereby clarified and emphasized that no refunds shall be given for discontinuation of volunteer program owing to disease, injury or any other reason. The volunteer shall not make any claim, pecuniary or other, that may derive from the services or in relation thereto, against the Company, its employees, agents, representatives or anyone acting on its behalf. The conditions set forth herein are binding and no one, including anyone acting on behalf of the Company, is authorized to act in a manner different than the one stipulated herein.


The Company will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages, including but not limited to, any loss of profits, loss of goodwill, cost of procurement of substitute services, or any other damages howsoever caused and on any theory of liability.

The Company and/or its representatives are not liable for monetary losses and /or additional losses that are caused due to changes or cancellations and /or due to delays. These losses and/or expenditures shall be borne by the volunteer.

Sodwana Bay, South Africa is a rural area and can be dangerous. A volunteer / intern that disobeys the instructions given by the site management does so at his / her sole responsibility.

A variety of people of all ages and backgrounds take part in the program.

The volunteer / intern is responsible for the issuing of their own passport, visas to enter into South Africa and flights into South Africa as well as out of the country including their flights to and from Richard’s Bay. Volunteers and interns taking part in longer programs may need to extend their visas, this is done while taking part in the program in the city of Durban. All expenses involved in this are the responsibility of the volunteer / intern. The volunteer is hereby notified that in the event that he / she does not handle these matters he / she may not be able to exit from and/or enter South Africa and he / she bears full liability concerning these matters.

Prices (Prices are in the GBP): foreign currency prices are based on the exchange rate at the time of the order, prices are based on costs in the country at the time that the order is confirmed and cannot be altered at a later stage. Prices given on website may be subject to change based on the volunteer’s / intern’s current dive qualification, length of stay or choice of dive network (CMAS / PADI). The final price will be given in a written quote via email to the volunteer / intern.

Courses (Divemaster & IDC) build up dives may be needed to meet prerequisites outlined by Course Standards. In this case Deep Blue Conservation will calculate a package deal on the amount of build-up dives required to start the course. As a benefit for signing up for a course with Deep Blue Conservation, preferential rates for tanks will be charged.

Should the volunteer / intern for any reason during or after the build-up dives, not continue on with the course with Deep Blue Conservation the volunteer / intern will forfeit the benefit of preferential rates for tanks and the full rate for equipment rental for all the dives will be charged.


Due to the structure of the courses no refunds will be provided other as set out in clause 27 below. Any sections not completed may be completed at a later stage agreed by Management. If any practical modules are to be re-assessed or re-evaluated and there has been an inactive period of more than one year after the last training module completion date, additional charges may apply for re-evaluation of the module.

Failure to transfer the deposit or full payment by the given payment date will give Deep Blue Conservation the right to assume that the order has been cancelled, according to its sole discretion. Under these circumstances, refunds will be given in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Insurance: after making the order, the applicant has the responsibility to hold a comprehensive travel health insurance policy.

Proof of this policy must be provided by the volunteer / intern on arrival at the camp. In the case of a claim, this information given by the volunteer / intern will be used.

The volunteer / intern will make sure that he or she obtains the necessary medical certificate indicating that he or she is fit and ready to dive prior to arriving at the camp. No refunds will be given based on a volunteer / intern not being fit and proper to dive.


Health, medications, and vaccinations: The volunteer / intern is responsible for arranging the appropriate vaccinations and medications and bringing his own medications to the program according to his habits and needs. The volunteer is responsible to receive the required vaccinations according to the instructions set forth by the Ministry of Health.

Deep Blue Conservation is not responsible for different climatic phenomena (floods, fog, clouds, and so on) and/or other circumstances that are beyond its control and that may cause any change or cancellation. Deep Blue Conservation shall be exempt from liability towards the volunteer / intern concerning anything related to cancellation and/or change in any time and caused directly and/or indirectly as a result of force majeure, strikes, disturbance of public peace, fire, floods, weather conditions, disease, robbery, theft, boycott, arrests, technical malfunctions, or any similar event caused by a force majeure.

Terms of payment: Deposit sum as stated in writing (email) from Deep Blue Conservation is required upon acceptance of contract/accepting Deep Blue Conservation’s Terms and Conditions, and balance is due 14 days prior to departure or upon the balance deadline as specified in the confirmation email; the earliest date of the two. The balance payment does not include any money transfer commissions which may be incurred through the approved payment methods.

If any practical / theoretical modules for scuba diving and freediving courses are to be re-assessed or re-evaluated over the allocated time or sessions for each course, additional charges may apply for re-evaluation of the module.

Equipment use is included in course prices. You will be assigned equipment for your course and it will be your responsibility to care for the equipment for the duration of your course. You agree to reimburse Deep Blue Conservation for any loss or breakage of any and all your assigned equipment at the current replacement value.

Return of payment: In the event of cancellation, return payment will be made in the same manner it was initially received, in accordance with said circumstances, except all fees incurred for transactions.

Cancellation: the volunteer may cancel the order in writing according to the following terms:

  • Any time after confirmation of a project, until 29 days before starting date, the volunteer / intern forfeits 15% of the total cost price.

  • Within 28 days – 21 days before starting date, the volunteer / intern forfeits 25% of the total cost price.

  • Within 14 days – 7 days before starting date, the volunteer / intern forfeits 75% of the total cost price.

  • Within 7 days before starting date, the volunteer / intern forfeits 100% of the total cost price.

  • There is no refund after starting the project.


Important notes:

  • Cancellation of booking needs to be done in writing (by email).

  • The above cancellation charges will apply, the days in question being calculated from the date on which we receive the written cancellation.

  • Petitions for a refund will be considered on an individual basis.


Strictly no refunds will be considered in the event that the intern / volunteer is unable to swim and/or scared of diving or any other reason which may result in the volunteer / intern not being able to participate in the program other than conditions set out herein.

Deep Blue Conservation is not liable for returning amounts that were paid for services that were not used by the volunteer provided that failure to use the services is not under the responsibility of Deep Blue Conservation.

In the event that material change in the program occurred and a relevant notice to the volunteer prior to departure was delivered, the volunteer has the right to cancel the order within 72 hours from the date the notice concerning the material change was delivered without paying any cancellation fees. The date of cancellation shall be considered as the date in which the written cancellation notice is received in the Company's offices. The Company may cancel each program at its discretion for reasons that are beyond its control and it may offer the volunteer to take part in another program or return the amounts paid. 

By entering this agreement, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in South Africa for adjudication of any disputes or claims between the parties under this agreement, irrespective of the place where the order is signed or the volunteer's place of residence.


The governing law concerning any dispute and/or difference of opinion and/or conflict and/or claim and/or demand of any kind shall be governed by South African law only.

The intern / volunteer appoints his domicillium citandi et executandi the address as set out in his application form.


Deep Blue Conservation does not share any information collected from volunteers or interns as per our Privacy Policy.


Any transaction you enter into with us through our website: is entered into with Deep Blue Conservation. Information provided to us either on our website, by e-mail or through any other means of communication is held by Deep Blue Conservation. By accessing our website, the volunteer / intern automatically agrees to all the terms and conditions, conditions of use, including privacy policy, acceptable use policy and all other policies which may appear elsewhere on this website. Our website is provided for personal use and must not be used for any commercial purpose. We may change our website and correct, or update, information (including product information) at any time- without prior notice. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on our website. We do not represent or warrant that the material contained in our website, any of the functions of our website and the server will operate without interruption or delay or will be error-free, free of any defects, viruses or bugs or compatible with any other software or material. Nobody may transmit through, or to, our website any material which is defamatory, distressing, harmful, obscene, pornographic, threatening or material that might infringe upon the rights of others (including intellectual property rights, rights of confidentiality or rights of privacy) or material which does not comply with all relevant laws.


I, the undersigned, undertake to pay Deep Blue Conservation for the order of services in accordance with the terms and conditions specified above in this confirmation of order and the terms and conditions of order that were delivered to me and/or that are published in Deep Blue Conservation's internet website:, and which I read thoroughly and approved including all conditions and limitations specified therein.

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