Dive into deep blue

Deep Blue was born on a yacht under the stars of the Indian Ocean. In 2018 a young couple, Marius and Jo sat on the deck of the yacht they worked on and spoke of how they missed their home in Sodwana Bay, how they missed the reefs, the marine life, the tropical forests and most of all the people. 

This simple conversation grew into ideas and then a full blown plan to develop an adventure travel organisation based on their passions and values. To provide the most amazing trip for young adults to enjoy freedom, relaxation, adventure, independence and creating memories to last a lifetime in one of South Africa's best kept secrets.


Our goals


Provide young adults with a meaningful travel experience.

Educate young adults about the amazing intricate world that lies beneath our waves.

Allow travelers to have an authentic cultural experience and live like a true Sodwana Bay local.

Teach as many people as we can to respect our oceans and reefs. 

Bring like-minded people together to create memories and lifelong friendships.

Show travelers as much as we can of this incredible piece of paradise.


Meet the team


Meet some of our professional beach bums who are here to make sure you have the best trip possible!

Marius van Jaarsveld

Co-founder & Local Guide

Anna Biesheuvel

Charter Admin, Instructor & Divemaster

Joanne Dilnot

Co-founder & Local Guide

Paul Prinsloo

Instructor & Divemaster

Louis Olivier

Dive Charter Owner & Skipper

Chris Beningfield






Sodwana Bay is a rural town on the east coast of South Africa, just a few kilometers south of Mozambique. The town and the reefs form part of the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park which is South Africa’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


This small town feels like an island tucked away forming its own tropical paradise. With its untouched wonder its the perfect place to get away from the noise and rush of the city life. Fully enveloped in nature, and the close-knit community, you will get to know some of the best, down to earth people you'll ever meet and truly feel like a local.

As one of the best dive sites in the world, the coastline boasts  50 km of unspoiled reef and over 1 100 species of fish, including the famous coelacanth that was once thought to be extinct. The warm Indian Ocean and the spectacular reefs and marine life make this an amazing place to start your diving journey and should definitely be on your diving bucket list!

Activities to do in Sodwana Bay

Sodwana Bay has a lot of amazing activities to keep you busy during your stay.

Check out just a few of these below!

Lake Sibaya

Enjoy the drive through the untouched neighbouring villages to one of our amazing must-see gems, the beautiful Lake Sibaya.

Here we set up for a braai (barbeque) and our famous potjie chips, crack open a drink and enjoy a true South African sunset.

Lake Sibaya is the largest freshwater lake in South Africa with a surface area of 77 square kilometers! This area is known for its natural beauty, hippo sightings and incredible bird life and is an amazing place to unwind and end the week.


Ngobos is one of our favourite spots! It is a dune nestled right in Sodwana that is mostly only known to locals. It overlooks the Ngobosleleni Lake and is one of the only places in the town where you can catch a glimpse of the ocean in between our huge coastal dunes. Ngobos is a local favourite, to gather at the end of the day, share a drink and stories, while watching the sun go down.

Chameleon Hunting

An awesome way to end a sundowner trip to Ngobos is to check who can spot the most chameleons on the drive back. Our chamaleons (known as 'unwabu' in isiZulu) are usually hidden during the day but come out at night where we can spot them sitting on branches in the bushes lining the sand road.

Tolla se gat

Another amazing hidden local spot, Tolla se Gat is a tropical forest paradise. This is a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the incredible nature around you and watch the herds of cattle make their way home at the end of the day.

Sodwana Bay Beach

Aside from diving there are a lot of beach and ocean activities to keep you busy, making you want to spend the sunny days on our beautiful beach! We have an awesome little beach market where local ladies sell pineapples to eat while you browse for some souvenirs to take home with you. While at the beach after your dive or during weekends you can also enjoy lying on the warm sand and catching a tan, swimming in the bay or grabbing something to eat at the beach kiosk.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our bay also offers a great place to surf, kite-surf or stand up paddle. You can also go snorkeling around Jesser Point or do some rock pool exploring. There is also a beautiful walk through a tunnel of trees up to our lighthouse.

Lastly, what better way to end the day than with a full moon rising over the ocean while looking at the amazing glowing plankton on our beaches.

Kosi Bay

Kosi Bay is an estuarine system made up of four lakes that lie on the Mozambique border. This incredible place is filled with different activities such as snorkeling, walks through the forests, boat rides on the lake to look for hippos, camping and more. The lakes also holds a great history with the local Thonga people building sustainable fish traps in the lakes, a tradition that has been passed down for 700 years.

We can do day trips to Kosi Bay to give you a taste of this magnificent place or organise weekend trips to let you get fully immersed in all that Kosi Bay has to offer.

Northern Beaches

Up North from our own beautiful beach lies a stretch of pristine, untouched beaches. These beaches are incredible places to relax, snorkel, tan or look for turtle nests at night. There is often no other people on these beaches and makes you feel like the only people in the world.

Game Parks

There are a number of different game parks near Sodwana Bay within a one and a half hour drive from our town. We can organise trips here for drives through the park to see some amazing sightings of South Africa's wildlife, including the Big Five.